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The Directorate of Vigilance was set up on 10/4/1979. It comprises of the general Vigilance Cell, Technical Cell and Anti-Corruption Branch. The Directorate of Vigilance investigates complaints against Government/public servants. It institutes and follows up on the disciplinary proceedings against Government servants. It also renders advice to different Disciplinary Authorities on the vigilance cases and on matters concerning CCS(CCA) Rules 1965 and CCS(Conduct) Rules1964. It appoints Vigilance Officers in various Departments in order to ensure efficient and clean administration. The Disciplinary Authorities seek vetting of charge-sheets and Directorate of Vigilance vets them. The technical examination of public works undertaken by various agencies is done by the Technical Cell. The Anti-Corruption Branch takes up investigation of offences under Prevention of Corruption Act and connected offences involving public servants. The Directorate of Vigilance also conducts training in vigilance matters for Government Officials.




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